How the Corona virus affects our supply chain


Surely you have also been following the unsettling spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19) in Germany and whole of Europe and the associated consequences and restrictions on our everyday lives. These restrictions do not only affects us on a personal level, but the Virus also has a direct influence on our supply chain.

The closing of schools and nursery schools – not only in Germany, but also in many parts of Europe – directly affects the everyday lives of many families and companies. Certainly in some locations, this will lead to bottlenecks in the processing of purchase orders and the result will be delayed deliveries.


The full extent of the repercussions of these circumstances as well as further measures taken by the individual governments of our European locations and suppliers is currently unforeseeable. However, at the moment, it must be assumed that delays in the supply chain will occur.


For this reason, we would like to raise your awareness of this situation today. We will, of course, remain in constant contact to our employees and our suppliers, and we will inform you individually of occurring delays.


Let us all hope for a quick improvement of the situation.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and stay healthy!






Further information on the current situation from the World Health Organization can be found here: